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At Savvy we are true lovers of pizza!  

We have crafted each pizza individually with the focus on maximising flavour and creating beautiful textures.  Our pizza menu has something for everyone with a tasty style combination of traditional, gourmet and original.   

The use of both organic and high quality ingredients, combined with our unique menu, results in an exciting and original alternative in take away pizza.

Italian style gelato and Sorbet

Complimenting our pizza menu is our delicious organic Italian style gelato and sorbet range.  

Hand made fresh on the premises our range of flavours are not only addictive, they are a healthier alternative to commercially produced ice cream.  All of our fabulous flavours are gluten free and our non dairy frozen desserts and sorbets are suitable for vegans and dairy free diets.

See our ice cream tab for a list of our irresistible flavours and more information.  


We are proud to be a part of the growing industry of organic and Biodynamic foods.  

We believe it’s simply the way food should be.  We use organic and Biodynamic ingredients as much as possible (the meat and cheeses used are not organic) resulting in a menu that is currently around 80-90% organic.  The industry is continually growing and we look forward to the future when we will be able to offer a menu which is 100% organic.  

Special Diets

Gluten Free - all of our pizza toppings, ice creams and sorbets are gluten free.  Gluten free pizza bases are also available.  

Vegan - currently our menu includes 10 vegan pizzas which are available with or without soy mozzarella.  For more options all vegetarian pizzas (from the main menu) are available with no cheese or soy mozzarella.  Our ice cream range also includes amazing soy based non dairy frozen desserts and sorbets which are suitable for vegan diets.

orders & home delivery

To order phone us on 9754 6642, via our easy to use online ordering system.or simply drop in! We also offer fast and convenient home delivery to many suburbs in the Hills.  See our delivery page for more information.


We are located at the top of the Belgrave Arcade in the Woolworths/Alexander's car park.  Access is available from Terry's Avenue and Reynolds Lane.